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GPR Services

For highly accurate and reliable underground imaging solutions, why not take advantage of our GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) services? Using the very latest technology like the Ferroscan we can scan concrete slabs to understand what lies beneath and avoid potential hazards.

Concrete assessments of existing infrastructure provide developers with vital information on the make-up of any building by revealing non-metallic buried services such as plastic gas pipes or water pipes. Adding real, measurable value to our clients’ projects by helping to avoid costly mistakes, our expertise in non-intrusive methodologies provides all the sub-surface information they need to make a truly informed decision.

We can help identify:

  • Reinforcing elements, e.g. rebar density
  • Stitch bars and tie rods
  • Slab thickness and reinforcing cover
  • Structural beams
  • Voiding & honey-combing within spray cast concrete
  • Ground beams and pile caps
  • Voiding beneath slabs

We can deliver this incredibly useful data on sub-surface conditions either in the form of data available immediately on site or provided as a full analytical report for a more detailed analysis. Just call us to discuss your requirements…


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